What Peeps Are Saying

What Peeps Are Saying About “Libertarians On Fire”

Tom Woods 1

Tom Woods, The Tom Woods Show

“What do you do when you’re out of Tom Woods Show episodes? Other than despair, of course. Answer: check out an up-and-coming libertarian podcast that I also like. Not long ago I mentioned on my own show a new podcast called Libertarians on Fire, hosted by my friend Rick Rivers. Check it out: http://www.LibertariansOnFire.com.”

Michael Dean

Michael W. Dean, Freedom Feens Radio Show

“Very good new podcast. Check it out. Good new, friendly, fun yet academic intro-to-liberty podcast with very good audio. Rick is only on his seventh show and it’s one of the best-sounding podcasts I’ve ever heard. And the content’s pretty groovy, too. Worms!”

Bad Quaker

Ben Stone, The Bad Quaker

“Great show intro, very professional. You have a very good radio voice and a very crisp clean overall sound. Your voice is perfectly rhythmic and is well suited for comfortable listening. Also you have good diction and elocution. Excellent step by step explanation of libertarianism and your path. Serious thumbs up!”

Scott Horton

Scott Horton, The Scott Horton Show

“Sounds great! Best of luck to you. Good old Harry.”


Cliff Ravenscraft, The Podcast Answer Man

“You have a great conversational style that makes it very easy to follow what you are saying and it sounds like you’re actually talking to me. This is great! It was cool to hear your story about how you became a Libertarian. Right out of the gate, the audio quality is amazing.   GREAT EPISODE!  THIS IS A WONDERFUL FIRST EPISODE!!!!! Solid 10 out of 10 rating!”

Mike Tront

Mike Tront, LevelHeadedLibertarian.com

“Check out Rick’s podcast. About as well done as any libertarian podcast out there. Really well done! Great music, great sound, and great content. I think you’ve got something there Rick!”

Jeff Waters

Jeff Waters, Founder, Castery

“Wow, that is the best 1st podcast episode I’ve ever heard. Better than most 100th episodes, too! Keep up the great work!”