Obamacare: A Disaster 100 Years In The Making – LOF #11

 Obamacare Jeff Head

Obamacare: A Disaster 100 Years In The Making

If you think healthcare in the US got really bad all of a sudden because of Obamacare, then this is the episode for you!

Here’s some of what Frank, Jackson and I cover:

  • Why Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster for almost everyone involved
  • How the Canadian healthcare system is similar to the US system (and how it’s different)
  • Is healthcare a right?
  • Why healthcare is really no different from any other product or service
  • How government appropriates a monopoly on the provision and regulation of healthcare
  • The endless cycle of government intervention in the private sector (and what the inevitable result of it is)
  • How the American Medical Association conspired with the government to limit the supply of doctors and healthcare workers (and the hidden racist agenda that went along with it) over 100 years ago
  • The difference between health insurance and other types of insurance
  • Why health insurance covers low-cost routine maintenance, but car insurance doesn’t
  • How the government-insurance complex hides the true cost of healthcare from patients
  • One simple thing that Amazon and Ebay do that could work in a free market in healthcare providers
  • How Frank saved thousands of dollars on surgery by shopping around (and why almost no one ever does this)
  • Why health insurance and pharmaceutical companies will fight a true single-payer system in the future
  • Hans Hermann Hoppe’s 4-part plan to get the government out of the healthcare business
  • Why the FDA doesn’t protect people (and why they are responsible for a mountain of dead bodies)
  • The industry that is protected from lawsuits (and how taxpayers get stuck with the bill as a result)
  • Why people die waiting for drugs to be approved (and why other people die after taking approved drugs
  • How eliminating all medical licensure would give individuals more choices and lower prices in healthcare
  • Abolish Medicare and Medicaid? How the poor and elderly would be taken care of in a free society
  • And much more!

Hans Hermann Hoppe’s Four-Step Healthcare Solution

Murray Rothbard on Government Medical “Insurance”

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