Libertarian Ladies Roundtable – Why So Many White Guys? – LOF #13

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Libertarian Ladies Roundtable – Why So Many White Guys?

I’m the only guy on the show as three lovely libertarian ladies — Kiki, Carrie and Lisa — join me for a wide-ranging discussion about the female perspective on liberty issues and society.

Here’s some of what the ladies and I discuss:

  • Why are most libertarians white men?
  • How a bad encounter with the State or police can bring a woman to liberty
  • Why there aren’t more black men in the liberty movement (and the disconnect that causes many of them to embrace the state)
  • What Colin Kaepernick gets about State oppression (and what he still doesn’t understand)
  • Why women are the most radical of all libertarians
  • The risks that libertarian women face, that men don’t
  • How Kiki uses her philosophy of freedom to be a better friend to her girlfriends
  • Why a long-time friend is more likely to be a statist than a new friend is
  • The arrogance Carrie sometimes sees in libertarian men (and how she handles it)
  • Why the ladies couldn’t imagine having a romantic relationship with a statist
  • Anarchism without adjectives
  • Feminism as a collective ideology vs. individual liberty
  • Individualist feminism – why it’s not an oxymoron
  • Two unique ways Carrie strikes up conversations with strangers
  • A Dead Libertarian you’ve probably never heard of (but you need to know about)
  • And much more!

Essays by Voltairine de Cleyre

Voltairine de Cleyre on YouTube

Wendy McElroy: Feminist History Revisited


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Rick Rivers

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