Adam Kokesh: Candidate For Not-President In 2020 – LOF #12

Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh: Candidate For Not-President in 2020

Adam Kokesh took some time out from his hectic For the Love of Freedom Tour to sit down with me in Anarchy One Studio to discuss his time in combat, his anti-war activism, his time in prison, the tour, his book Freedom, and his future campaign for “Not-President.”

Here’s some of what Adam and I discuss:

  • The method Adam uses in his man-on-the-street videos to get people to try to think differently
  • How Adam went from a libertarian in name only to a true freedom fighter
  • Why Adam intentionally filmed himself loading a shotgun near the Capitol and uploaded it to YouTube
  • What Alex Jones doesn’t understand about Adam’s activism
  • Why government wars should be obsolete by now
  • The police department that used more firepower to arrest Adam in his house than was used by the US military to kill Bin Laden
  • What Adam did to pass the time in prison, and the life-changing project it inspired
  • Why statists who argue that people who didn’t serve in the military can’t oppose war (and why they’re dead wrong)
  • Is Adam retired from street-level civil disobedience?
  • What Adam considers his most important act of civil disobedience yet
  • Adam’s favorite medium for spreading the message of freedom (it’s probably not the one you think)
  • Why Adam wrote his book (and why he gives it away for free)
  • How Adam has the energy to drive to 48 states, visiting 64 cities in 63 days
  • Why Adam wants to run for president (and why it’s not merely an “educational” campaign
  • What Adam would do on his first day in the White House
  • And much more!

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