Home School vs. Government School Cage Match: How One Couple Won At Both – LOF #10

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Home School vs. Government School Cage Match: How One Couple Won At Both

Home school vs. government school: Home school parents and veterans of the Government’s Day Prisons For Kids Age 5-18 join me to discuss both sides of the education equation. We also crush three major myths about home schooling.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • The history of compulsory education, and how it came to America
  • Why government schools are not interested in teaching kids how to think critically, and think for themselves (and what they do instead)
  • The best option to government schools
  • What happened when Brian and Carrie’s young son declined to take off his jacket in school (and what they did in response)
  • Bully government school teacher terrifies children
  • How one kid outsmarted the government school system (he didn’t learn how to do it in school!)
  • Why Brian and Carrie let their kids decide whether to home school or go to public schools
  • A great question to ask kids: “Who owns you?”
  • Why parents don’t need to be “qualified” teachers in order for their kids to learn in home school
  • How elements of unschooling and traditional learning can be combined to create a superior learning environment
  • Free and low-cost home school curriculum resources
  • How your child can earn two associates degrees by the time she’s 18
  • Why kids learn more when they focus on their interests and passions
  • An $8 per month membership you can use to supplement other learning materials (you might be a member already!)
  • Why catering to your child’s particular learning style is more effective than the government’s archaic, rigid, one-size-fits-all classrooms
  • How the learning experience can be crushed by the reward AND punishment of conventional letter grades
  • The difference between education and learning
  • Three myths about home schooling, debunked
  • How and why to make home schooling work financially 
  • And much more!

Get free home school learning materials from Khan Academy.

Join the Ron Paul Home School Curriculum here and claim Tom Woods’ bonuses valued at $160.

Two more home school curriculum options: the Robinson Curriculum and the completely free All in One Home School.

Considering home schooling your kids? Make sure you know the laws and policies in your state with the help of the Home School Legal Defense Association.

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Rick Rivers

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