Nation-States – A Fundamental Flaw of Human Nature – LOF #6


Nation-States – A Fundamental Flaw of Human Nature

What is it that gave rise to States?

How did the nation-state become the ubiquitous form that States took?

What is the fundamental flaw of human nature that leads to statism, and keeps it alive?

Join me and new co-host Frank Dobbs as we explore these fascinating questions, including:

  • How did the earliest States develop?
  • The “settled brigands” theory of States
  • How disputes were settled before the advent of States
  • The contest among the king, the church, the aristocracy and the towns: who won?
  • The rise of bureaucracies and how they became more powerful than kings
  • From monarchy to democracy: evolution or devolution?
  • The immediate problem Ron Paul would have faced had he become president
  • New segment: Ask a Libertarian – Do we need widespread mandatory vaccinations?
  • Dead Libertarian of the Week – The late, great Harry Browne
  • And much more!

Explore Martin van Crevel’s The Rise and Decline of the State

Read Hans Hermann Hoppe’s Democracy: The God That Failed

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Rick Rivers

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