Adventures In Nicaragua: Energy Economist Confronts Howler Monkey – LOF #9


Adventures In Nicaragua: Energy Economist Confronts Howler Monkey

Join me as I talk with my guest Brandon, an economist studying rural energy poverty. Brandon recently returned from a month-long trip to Nicaragua, and he shares his adventures with us.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • Tom Woods mentions Libertarians On Fire during The Tom Woods Show and then again in an email to his list
  • Why Brandon joined the military (and why he wished he hadn’t)
  • How Brandon talked his brother out of joining the military using a clever form of reverse psychology
  • The book Brandon read that instantly made him want a PhD in economics
  • Keynesian economics vs. Austrian economics: how they’re different and which is better
  • Why Milton Friedman jumped the shark on monetary policy
  • How Brandon navigated the land mines of learning economics from statist professors 
  • The book that launched Brandon on his libertarian journey, and led him to take an interest in energy poverty
  • A dead libertarian who renounced violence and became a staunch anti-war activist 
  • Modern energy that the first world takes for granted (and what people in the developing world have to deal with)
  • How a single solar-powered light bulb changed a family’s life
  • Why US government foreign policy since the mid-1800s still adversely affects the lives of people in Nicaragua to this day
  • The mistake some people make when they conflate the State with the nation 
  • What happened when Brandon confronted a howler monkey (and what they have in common with humans)
  • Why it’s easy to catch a cab in Nicaragua
  • Free-market agorism at work in a socialist economy
  • How crafty entrepreneurs take advantage of the US Coast Guard
  • And much more!

Watch Alex Epstein shred Senator Barbara Boxer during a congressional hearing.

Read Jeffrey Sachs’ The End of Poverty, the book that made Brandon want to pursue a PhD in economics.

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Rick Rivers

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