Raeford Davis: Ex-Cop Turned Libertarian Drug War Critic – LOF #14


Raeford Davis: Ex-Cop Turned Libertarian Drug War Critic

Raeford Davis spent four years patrolling the streets of North Charleston, South Carolina arresting hundreds of innocent people in drug charges. Now he’s gone straight and speaks out against the State’s Insane War on (Some) Drugs.

Here’s some of what Raeford and I discuss:

  • What Scott Horton and I have in common (that Raeford agrees with)
  • Why Raeford became a police officer
  • What patrol officers do (besides busting people for harmless drug offenses)
  • The cop who once did me a “favor”
  • One profession that is far more dangerous than being a cop
  • What Raeford did when a perp tried to shoot him with a pistol
  • Why Raeford took a position as an SVU detective
  • What made Raeford leave the police force (and why he would have left soon after regardless)
  • Why neighborhoods in North Charleston look exactly the same as they did 10 years ago when Raeford was patrolling the streets
  • The secret reason President Nixon ramped up the War on Drugs in the late 1960s and early 1970s
  • Two possible reasons a cop let me go even though I was smoking pot while driving
  • Why Raeford believes individual cops are not racists (and how the system is to blame for targeting minorities for drug enforcement)
  • The police-industrial complex and how it creates tension among the public
  • Why Raeford believes drugs should be legalized and regulated
  • Two possible reasons Baltimore cops didn’t protect private property during the riots
  • Why cops almost never get convicted for deeds that would land you or me in jail
  • Is there such a thing as a “good cop”?
  • The military mindset among cops that is even more dangerous than the military equipment they get from the Pentagon
  • The mission of LEAP (and Raeford’s role in the organization)
  • And much more!

Visit LEAP – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

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