Government Cops: Serving and Protecting Themselves – LOF #5


Government Cops: Serving and Protecting Themselves

Government cops supposedly exist to serve and protect the public that pays their salaries and generous pensions.

But in reality, they only serve and protect themselves. Because of a combination of police unions, qualified immunity, and officer safety being paramount, cops are above the laws they enforce.

Join us for a stark look at the reality of modern policing in America:

  • What cops do (and what what they do NOT do)
  • A biblical story about the origin of police
  • What two cops did when they were called to rescue a woman drowning in a lake
  • How to snitch on your neighbors (and why you shouldn’t)
  • A couple places you can put your car registration sticker other than your licence plate
  • Do you own your home or rent? (Hint: you’re a renter, no matter what)
  • The actual size and material of The Thin Blue Line
  • Do we even need cops?
  • And much more!

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Until next week, peace.

Rick Rivers

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