“Libertarians On Fire” is THE weekly podcast dedicated to promoting peace and individual liberty while opposing the tyranny and wars of the State.

New episodes will be released every Friday morning by 6:00 am Eastern time in the U.S. beginning on July 1, 2016.

After becoming a libertarian in the late 1990s, Libertarians On Fire creator and host Rick Rivers wrote about 40 essays that were published on various websites, including The Libertarian Enterprise, Strike the Root, and LewRockwell.com.

Rick has compiled these essays into a book titled Petty Little Tyrants, and Other Essays, which will be available in paperback, Kindle and audio versions later this summer. If you’d like a FREE copy, go to LibertariansOnFire.com/book.

Looking for a new way to contribute to the liberty mission, Rick decided that podcasting was the medium that best suited to his interests and talents, while also making an impact on people who are open to the message of peace, freedom, individual liberty and voluntary mutually beneficial association and trade with others.

Join Rick Rivers, his co-hosts and his guests as they explore the sins of the State, why liberty is better than force and violence, all while having fun and a few laughs. After all, making fun of the State is almost as important as opposing it.

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All music on Libertarians On Fire is courtesy of Bill Palmer’s TV Killers. To hear more of Bill’s music, please visit his Bandcamp page.

Libertarians On Fire is covered by a BipCot No Goverment license. It can be reused by anyone except governments and government agents and employees.

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If you’d like to be on the show, here’s how you can do it:

Call the Libertarians On Fire Listener Hotline at 754-6-on-FIRE (754-666-3473)*

Leave your first name and your question or comment.

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You can also send a voicemail to the Hotline using your computer without making a phone call. Simply click the gray “Send Voicemail” button on the right side of the screen. 

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*This number is not an endorsement of Satan, or any other demon . . . human or otherwise. 

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